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Of Elephants and Sinking Sand

An intriguing title don’t you think? I have a picture of driving along a road that is often fog bound. The road builders would normally paint nice white lines down the centre of the road and add cats eyes as well. If the road is often badly affected by fog then the edge of the road on either side is marked with yellow paint and different coloured cats eyes. They help keep us on the road and on the correct side. We can see very quickly when we drift to the left or the right. In much the same way pilots of aircraft coming in to land have lights to guide them and they can land safely even in rain and fog.

As Christians we have the same sort of guidance system called The Bible. G-D’s word. Just like the road markings and the cats eyes that should keep all Christians walking the correct path and not becoming mired in the sinking sands that are found along the sides of the road.

It is when we start travelling happily along with wheels now over the barrier lines that we start getting stuck in the sinking sand and as a result of the bad or wrong choice and actually believing that the sinking sand is really part of the road we make a elephant. Sometimes we see what appears to be short cuts along the way and off we go! Another elephant in our collection.

So what are these elephants all about you may wonder? Just suppose you are going along the road set out for your life and you begin to wonder about the future and remember that many of the magazines you can buy have horoscopes in them. You know deep down that you had read in your Bible to leave such stuff alone but yet you chose to read it anyway. It all sounds so good what I have read. This stuff cannot be possibly wrong, why I know so many Christians that follow their horoscopes. You are now in the sinking sand. But will you make it an elephant in your house? You have the freewill choice. So what to do. The Bible seems to say no, but all my Christian friends read them! Could it be, you say to yourself, that G-D did not mean horoscopes. I don’t think the Bible really says horoscopes, does it? You make a note to yourself to check one of these days when you have lots of time and just keep reading the horoscopes. An elephant arrives and very quickly seems to go invisible! Satan has just one a victory.. Then you take another step off the road into the sinking sand as you go along to your Bible study group and someone there starts to say how satan has no teeth any more as Yeshua defeated him. Look says the someone else I just flick him off my shoulder when he becomes a pest. He does not have any real power any more. So you go home and ponder on these things and maybe even ask a few Christian friends and they sort of side with the Bible study group. So you decide, no need to consult the very Word of G-D, The Bible. I know my friends would not be mistaken. Whoops! Another elephant on your house.

Next you have a family member that is having a pretty tough time in life and decides because someone from work has encouraged them as well, that the Buddhists or Hindus have the answer. You then decided once again to ask Bible study group or Christian friends you might just hear a wonderful story about how all faiths lead to the same god. Back into the sinking sand you go. Will this to become another elephant in the living-room you can no longer see?

What about the family member who was a freemason? He told you with the support of a few mason friends the the Freemasons are a christian based group of men who do good works. Then they tell you about all the men who have been ministers and pastors and even bishops in various churches who have also been masons. You just take in every word and believe them. They fail to tell you that was many years ago. It is all changed now as every denominational and non-denominational church group has spoken harshly against freemasonry labelling it what it is “a satanic organisation.” Whoops! Seems like you are trying the shortcut this time. Not just a bit of sinking sand on the side but right into it!

Why is it that we believe the word of man above the Word of G-D? Do we delude ourselves with the ideas like “G-D did not really mean that” “G-D does not understand us” “G-D is out of touch” or we start bending His Word by either adding our own ideas or leaving out the conditional bits. The “if” part is no longer used and just the good bit after the “then” is used. That way all the friends and family along with all the pets can join us when we arrive in heaven.

Satan has such and wonderful time. He’s got so far as many people, including theologians, believing that he does not even exists and what ever tickles your fancy just has to be tried. Even senior clergy tell us Harry Potter is a rip roaring good read with good triumphing over evil.

Sinking Sand and Elephants we cannot see in our homes. i know as I’ve been there. I have chosen many times to believe a “christian” person instead of confirming it in the Bible. I have been challenged many times over the past few months in particular on my Elephants in the Room. Peter Horobin’s teachings in the Ellel 365 transformation have begun to make them visible and I have started to deal with them. Then I had the added information from Ken Symmington’s website which confirmed and expanded on so many things I have started to question and in many cases have always questioned but chose to try not to dwell on. The words of the Bible become very clear when we ask Holy Spirit to open our eyes to the whole message.

So I’ll leave you with the simple message! Satan is real and he is not toothless and has more power than we think he has. He is the father of lies and operates under the authority we chose to give him when Adam and Eve chose their own way instead of G-D’s way. Satan wants nothing more than to take all the glory for himself as we chose to knowingly or unknowingly bow down to him. It’s all in the Bible. The true and inspired Word of G-D!

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Moving Forward

Gosh two weeks since my last post! Life has been rather mad. A new firewall setup at a customer to nurse saw Ellel 365 get almost put on the back burner. The only time I had for reading was late at night. I normally read the daily teachings during the day. That way I normally let the content soak into me.

Last Sunday at Church we looked at “What the Cross Means to me”. I had the real joy of sharing my bit of testimony at the early service. Of how I was truly present in Yeshua’s passion. Never as a bystander but having my feet washed as Y’hudah and I left during the meal to go and lead the the temple guards to were I knew Yeshua would be. Then in the garden I was one of those who slept. Then back as Y’hudah leading the temple guard to betray my Yeshua with a kiss and He called me friend! And so it went on.Chaining Him and taking Him to Kayafa. I was one of those who brought false testimony, spat on Him, hit Him. Then I was Kefa denying that I even new Yeshua. Not once but three times. Then I was one of those dragged Him off to Pilate and screamed “Crucify Him”, then scourged Him and lead Him away to Gulgolta to crucify Him. My hands held the nails as another soldier hammer them though His wrists and ankles. I then helped to raise Him up. Then He looked at me as I became aware that every one of my sins had been laid bare and placed on Him and yet all He said was “Abba, Forgive Angela, She knows not what she does” An expression of Pure Love. Despite all I had done, He Loved Me. His poured out Blood had washed my sin away. I had held the nails yet He never stopped Loving me. He took all my sin on Him that I might be free. He died the death that I should have. Totally separated from His Abba. My Yeshua died and poured out His Blood so that covennt could be cut. He fullfilled both sides of the covenat as his precous blodd sealed the covenat for all times.

I was totally transformed from then on..

When I got home after the second service and as I sat in the dining room just worshipping My Abba for what He had just done. I had asked Him to just to use me and speak the words that He needed people to hear, His Glory just flowed over me. It was like being covered my liquid gold. I have no other words for what I experienced. All I did was be there and give the words. Not my words but His Just for His Glory! Only His Glory!

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Healing Thoughts

I was wondering how to start this post when My Abba showed me just what I needed!

I have a deep interest in Astronomy and Astrophysics that goes back to my young days. I have collected many astronomical images over the years. Good high quality images from many observatories and the Hubble Space Telescope. My PC is set up to show them as wall papers. They are rotate every 5 minutes or so. As I pondered on what to write and shut my PC down so that i could work from my Notebook. up came the image of the Helix Nebula. I could see exactly how it fitted in with what I had just covered – only in part! – of today’s Ellel 365 teaching .

the Helix Nebula is what is more commonly known as a planetary nebula. Nebula because it appeared in the early telescopes as a patch of light and planetary because the improving telescopes showed it to be a ring with a twist in it. The ring gave the impression of planets going around a star. It is a very colourful object with lovely pastel colours. We now know that the ring we see is the result of the little star that sits in the centre going nova and ejecting a portion of its surface. It has taken rather a few years for all the stars blown off surface to get to where it is now. It really is a shell around the star but we only see the thicker part like ring. We can still see the star that gave birth to the Helix Nebula and it is now in it;s old age but generates enough energy to keep the surface it threw off still shining.

So what you may ask has this all got to do with Elle 365? Patience gentle reader! I will revealĀ  This week we have been looking at healing again.Peter introduced us to the Ellel Seven Health Check. Now I had heard the term before and was always intrigued by it. Again Our Abba will use o many different ways to teach us! Peter took the ideas from a medical website that did a self diagnosis for Swine Flu! He had been out of the UK and come back with flu like symptoms!. Our Abba showed him he could use the same idea. It was only the very first Elle Diagnostic step that seemed to tie Planetary Nebulae to our own relationship with Our Abba, Our Father G-D.. The Ellel Question 1 is Do I know The Lord for my self or do I just know about Him? Does the star in the middle of the planetary nebula just say to itself “I’m all happy and cosy here doing my own thing. I know that you are out there and how you got there but i don’t need you” or ‘Is the star saying to itself “I cannot live without you! You cannot live without me!” Just like ourselves and Our Abba. We need Him as part of our lives and not in a distant way but present in us every moment of the day. How about you?

At the age of about sixteen I started to move from knowing about Him to beginning to know Him. But that knowing was at a distance much like my own father kept his distance, his need to be involved with the army seemed to me to be more important than me. The proof of that came when he choose to spend 3 months on the border with his beloved army than be with me on my 21st birthday. I saw My Abba then as someone distant that had little time for me. i could do my own thing and My Abba would do His. So my life went on. I did what i wanted with little worry of the consequences. Not bad stuff as such but not good stuff either. My Abba was not prepared to leave me in this state! Slowly He keep on touching my life. The first real touch was when I took my car to the panels beaters for a repair job and had to catch the bus hom. As I got on the bus and sat down I started to light up a cigarette. I heard His voice so clearly! “What have you got between your fingers?” He asked. “Cigarette!” said I. His reply stopped me in my tracks! He said “You don’t need it!” Plain and simple. No demand, no threatening but just a simple statement! My reply was also just a statement! “Okay Lord! This is my last cigarette.” It was. But something had changed in my life. The same sort of thing happened with my fould mouth. My Abba just asked “Why do you swear?” I had no answer except to say “Lord if you want me to I will stop.” There was no reply other than the simple fact that I stopped swearing like trooper. My Abba actually cared about me! He still seemed distant in many ways. As the years passed I was helped by my step-mum to reconcile with my father. What an experience! My beloved step mum has without any doubt My Abba’s catalyst. As my father and I drew close together and I was able !was able to forgive him for so many things and his forgiveness in turn brought us closer together and at the same time the same process happen with my Heavenly Daddy! I had moved from knowing about to knowing Him for myself. Through forgiveness flowed healing and through healing flowed love and truth. It was a step along the way to healing and wholeness. The years that the locust had stolen in my poor relationship with my father were restored with an overflow. Our relationship was transformed form very distant to a truly loving one of closeness and confidence. As sad as his passing was there was that wonderful joy of My Abba’s healing power in both our lives.

The star and it’s planetary nebula have been made one again!

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Healing and Ellel

This week on Ellel 365 is a Healing week. Just understanding the basics of healing. I would rather say wholeness. I do not believe that Yeshua ever healed anyone without bringing wholeness into the persons life. Just look at the woman in the crowd who touched the tzitzit of His Tallit (prayer shawl)l. (The tzitzit have a very special significance in our Jewish families tradition). When Yeshua felt the touch of her hand He knew her whole story yet when she came to Him all He showed her was compassion, love and understanding. He had her share her story with Him and that brought healing and forgiveness to wholeness. Then one of my favourite Bible all about Zakkai the short little tax collector and how he climbed the tree to just get a glimpse of Yeshua! And how he was called down by Yeshua to go and prepare a meal for them to share. When we look at this in the Jewish context of the time it’s not quite a simple as it sounds. Yeshua was really saying the Zakkai, “Zakkai I want to be your friend and I would like you as a friend” and that being a friend meant in a very deep and personal way. Here is a short and hated tax collector who is in need of more than just a friend. Zakkai is in need of healing, Zakkai is in need of forgiveness and Zakkai is in need of forgiving. Zakkai is in need of wholeness. Can you imagine being present at that meal or any of the other healings Yeshua brought into the lives of those around Him. Those who sought Him out and those He sought out.

So what about this day and age? The age of the instant fix? I have seen it time and time again. We rush off to healing services. We have a our name added to prayer-chains. We want the instant miracle. We choose healing over wholeness. Do not get me wrong though! Healing services and prayer chains and prayer services have there place. Healing is just way deeper thnt that. I wonder just how long Yeshua spent with the woman caught in adultery or the woman at the well? I have no doubt that He listened to their stories, He brought them forgiveness and He lead them to forgive in return. He brought wholeness.

A few years ago I had the chance to experience and Ellel based healing and wholeness weekend. Although I really wanted to be on the weekend as I drove over the the venue I had to really fight the temptation to turn my car round and head back home. I was the first to arrive except for part of the team.All four of us doing the weekend were asked to do an inventory of ourselves for the team to understand the areas they would be called to minister into. I originally thought I would just gloss over me but I was so convicted by my Abba to trust in Him and go very deep. We have all sinned and fallen way short of the Glory of G-D! That “all” meant me to. The floodgates opened as I shared me with two of the team. I began to experience healing and wholeness as forgiveness flowed in from my Abba and out to those who had hurt me over the years. That weekend was but the beginning of a journey to deeper and deeper healing and wholeness. It is a journey and the Ellel 365 course is confirming that. A journey of healing through forgiving and forgiveness. Healing is not just physical, like when my back was miraculously healed without prayer or laying on of hands. It just happened at a Catholic healing service. I sat down in pain and a few minutes later we stood up to sing and the pain was gone! I could leap around with many of the others. It was after all a Charismatic Catholic prayer group! That was just a tiny part. and it was what lead me to the healing weekend.

It is very hard to say that we forgive others who have hurt us or through their bad choices allowed us to be hurt, like a special person I know who was in a wheelchair and constant pain but when Our Abba;s healing began to enter her life through Ellel, and she was able to forgive those who had made the bad choice that lead to her accident, the miracle happened! Her back was healed and restored completely. Her journey to wholeness still goes on.

Peter Horrobin made a comment about the number of people who sit in our church pews every week and who are just going through the motions and living lives of pain. He compared them to old cars in a breakers yard. I know exactly what Peter meant because I have been there. I too have sat in church pews in pain and wondered what I was doing there. Next Sunday was the same. A year later nothing had changed, In the tear 2000 everything changed! But that is another whole story! Since my healing weekend My Abba has at times let me see those people still sitting in pain as I had. I see them in theĀ  spiritual world and feel what they feel. Sometimes all I can do is sit and cry. That might just be the reason I’m doing Ellel 365. In fact, I know it is.

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